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A California Startup Company Promises Flying Car by 2025 

Ever since watching 'The Jetsons’ as a kid I've always dreamed of owning a flying car. It's 2022, and as far as technology has come these days, we still don't have our flying cars. Well, there's a new startup in California that promises us flying cars by the year 2025!  

A San Fransisco Bay area-based company named Alef Aeronautics says it plans to start delivering its Model A flying car to customers by the end of 2025! 

Potential customers are already lining up to place deposits on the new cars. It costs $150 to put your name on the waiting list and $1500 if you want a priority spot on the list. 

According to the CEO of the company, Jim Dukhovny, the car is designed to stay on the road for most of the time, only flying for short hops to avoid obstacles. Not quite what I have in mind when thinking of a flying car, but he told CNBC that the Model A is easy to build, saying it’s no more complicated to produce than a Toyota Corolla. I just hope it's as easy to fly that thing.

If you want one in your garage in a few years you’d better start saving your pennies because that Model A is going to cost $300,000! Well, I guess I won't have a flying car by 2025! 

 Source: CNBC

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