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New Study Finds Monty Python 'Silly Walks' Are Effective Form of Exercise

If you don’t mind getting funny looks at the gym, then go ahead and do this as a form of exercise.

A professor at Arizona State University, who is a big time Monty Python fan, conducted a study and concluded that a famous Monty Python sketch can be an effective workout.

Do you remember the "Ministry of Silly Walks" sketch with John Cleese and Michael Palin? In the sketch Palin’s Mr. Pudey visits the ministry to show off his silly walk in hopes of obtaining a government grant with which to develop it and make it even sillier.

Dr. Glenn Gaesser, who is an exercise physiologist, say those the "silly walks" use more than double the energy of a normal walking pace.

He says the silly walk is as effective as running for more than five minutes, and that if you do the silly walks for 15 minutes a day that satisfies the "guidelines for weekly vigorous activity."

Dr. Gaesser says Cleese's character "Mr. Teabag’s" walk with its leg thrown in the air is the most effective of the different walks portrayed in the sketch.

If you thought this whole study was just plain silly, it’s actually very serious. In fact, Gaesser’s findings have been published in the British Medical Journal.

Source: CNN


Photo: Getty Images

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