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China Has Trained a Unit of 6 Drug-Sniffing Squirrels

In the Chinese city of Chongqing officials have created a unit of six drug-sniffing squirrels. These little critters work as a sub-unit of the dog brigade, but something tells me they don’t mix the two departments because that could go horribly wrong.  

According to the police, the squirrels are perfect for this work because they are small, agile and can get into all of those hard-to-reach places to conduct a search. 

Yin Jin, the trainer of the so-called squirrel squad said, "These squirrels have an acute sense of smell. But in the past, our training problems for small rodents was not developed enough to attempt a program like this." Squirrel do you put that on a resume?  

These drug-sniffing squirrels are the first of their kind, however small creatures have been trained for other uses in the past. Back in 2002, the Pentagon tried to use bees to detect bombs, and officials in Cambodia trained rats to assist their bomb squads.  

I just have one question...are these Brown Eyed Squirrels or Uptown Squirrels? Or maybe Material Squirrels? 

Source: Insider

Close up of a grey squirrel yawning

Photo: Getty Images

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