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Heinz Offers New Boat to Man Who Survived at Sea by Eating Ketchup

Not long ago we heard about 47 year old Elvis Francois from the Dominican Republic who was swept out to sea on his sailboat, and he was just floating adrift for close to a month. He was making repairs to his boat off the coast of St. Martin when currents swept him out to sea.

Finally, a plane spotted him because he had carved the word help on the hull of his sailboat. After being lost at sea for 24 days, Elvis was finally rescued by the Colombian Navy. 

His story of survival got a lot of attention because he survived off nothing but a bottle of ketchup, garlic powder and some seasoning cubes...that’s it!  

Heinz heard about the story and they've been trying to track this guy down because they want to give him a brand-new, state of the art boat with all the bells and whistles, including a full navigational system so he doesn’t get lost again. 

The condiment company has tried several ways to reach him including contacting the Colombian Navy who rescued him, and Dominica Immigration Services. Unfortunately no luck there, so this week Heinz posted a message on Instagram asking the general public to try and help with the search. 

They're hoping people can provide some credible leads to help them contact Elvis so they can give him this new boat. 

Not that you would, but if you happen to have any information on where he might be you can help by dropping Heinz DM on their Instagram page. 

Source: Food Beast

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