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Taylor Swift Fans Complain About Tour Merch "Fading"

When you buy a T-shirt at a concert you expect it to last a little while. After all they cost like 50 bucks each. 

Well, some people are not too happy about the quality of the merch that they're buying at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concerts. Many have said that the shirts fade after a single wash. 

Apparently enough people have squawked that now she's addressing some of those complaints in a statement posted on her website. 

The statement reads that fans should expect a slight fade related to the products distressed vintage look. Fans were also advised to follow the care instructions but could request a replacement product if quote “any dramatic loss of pigment occurred.” 

So, keep that in mind when you're buying merch at her show in May. 

Source: Billboard

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Photo: Getty Images

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