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1/3 of Americans Forget About Leftovers Once They're In the Fridge

I can't imagine not eating leftovers. I love the days when I don't have to cook and I can just grab something out of the fridge, but about 1/3 of Americans forget their leftovers as soon as they put them away. 

A new survey of 2000 adults here in the United States asked how much they spend on groceries and about how much food they throw away each week. 

The survey discovered that the average household spends $248 a week on groceries and 10% spend close to $500!  

And sadly a lot of that food goes to waste. Of those surveyed, 70% said they throw away unused food because they forget about it, and it goes bad before they can use it. Sure, we're all guilty of that. Once in a while at my house something gets shoved to the back, and I’m usually really upset if I see that happen. 

35% say they forget about the food, and 33% of people don’t eat leftovers at all. I just i don't understand that. 

Source: SWNS Digital


Photo: Getty Images

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