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Prince Harry Left Completely Out Of Coronation Ritual

Something tells me it's going to be a little icy when Prince Harry arrives this weekend for the Coronation of his father King Charles III. Word is he's been left out completely from the coronation ritual! 

Reportedly the King is pleased that his son will be in London for the Coronation this Saturday, however, the Prince will not have a specific role in the ceremony itself, and he plans on doing the Irish goodbye asap! Once the Coronation is finished, Harry will be headed home to Meghan and the kids to celebrate his son Archie’s 4th birthday. 

Buckingham Palace has released the “Liturgy Of The Coronation Service,” kind of a schedule of that day’s events, and Harry’s name isn’t listed on there at all.  

Prince William will be there to swear the traditional allegiance to King Charles after he is crowned, followed by the Archbishop of Canterbury who will also swear allegiance. Traditionally Harry would have done the same, but he will not.  

It’s also been revealed that the Duke Of Sussex will not be sitting with his family during the Coronation.  

Source: Page Six


Photo: Getty Images

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