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Colorado to Auction 'Star Wars' Themed License Plates

We love our license plates here in Southern New England. Those new shark charity plates went on sale this week, already over 2700 ordered already. 

In Colorado, drivers will have a chance to let the Fourth be with them every day of the year! Starting tomorrow, May the 4th aka Star Wars Day, the Colorado DMV will auction off 12 "Star Wars" themed license plates. Each plate has a different Star Wars related phrases including "MAY-4TH," "MR-VADER," "CHEWY," and "MY-X-WING."  

Bidding on the plates begins at 100-dollars each, and you can bet each will sell for a lot more than that. Proceeds from the sale of the plates will benefit the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. 

The included plates are:

  • BOBA
  • FETT
  • MAY4TH
  • OB1WAN
  • RED2

Source: Denver Gazette

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Photo: Getty Images

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