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Disney to Nix Reservation Requirements In Florida Parks in 2024

Disney fans have complained, and they listened. They are getting rid of the reservation requirements at its Florida theme parks.  

Guests will no longer need a reservation for date-based tickets at Disney World in Orlando, thanks to their own guest feedback. The company was worried some guests found the park reservation system to be confusing and inconvenient.

This move reverses a pandemic-era policy which required guests to plan their visits before they arrived at the parks. Guests needed to undergo a two-step process, which included buying your park tickets and then choosing your reservation date.  

However, those rules won’t be relaxed until the beginning of 2024. When the new rules take effect, visitors will only need to buy a ticket for a specific date but won't be required to make reservations for any of the specific parks.  

Disney is also reinstating its dining plans for hotel guests, extending early park hours through 2024, and putting in place a new rule that annual passholders can visit any Orlando theme park after 2 p.m. without a reservation. 

Source: CNBC

Main Street, Magic Kingdom

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