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It's probably the biggest to people going in the morning, it’s coffee. Coffee gives us the pep in our step to get our day moving and a new survey reveals the coffee habits of the average American worker.

The poll of 2-thousand on-site employees finds more than three-quarters (77%) of coffee drinkers need two or more cups of coffee in order to feel productive at work. And 24% say Mondays are the day they need the most coffee. Beyond productivity, 60% of respondents also use a hot cup of coffee to boost their mood at work.

Some people like to run out and buy coffee at a nearby cafe during the workday, and it takes about 16 minutes to leave their desk, buy a drink and return, according to the survey. But if they do that three times a week, they’ll spend nearly 50 hours a year on coffee runs, which is more than an entire week of work.

The survey also finds:

  • Aside from hot coffee, the drinks people like to sip at work include water (70%), iced coffee (64%), tea (62%), juice (55%) and flavored water (51%).
  • Buying coffee drinks can add up quickly, with the average American buying about 2.5-drinks at the cafe, for $16 a visit. If they do that more than three times a week, they’re looking at over $28-hundred a year.
  • Perks that would encourage on-site employees to work in the office include free beverages (46%), required breaks (45%), free food (45%), on-site gym (43%), an office lounge/social area (42%) and being able to bring pets to work (36%).

Source-SWNS Digital

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