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'Friends' Central Perk Coffee Shop Coming to Boston This Year

You can bet this is going to be massively popular. Soon you’ll be able to hang with your friends at Central Perk! 

The hit 90s sit-com 'Friends' is going to get its first permanent coffeehouse location on Newbury Street in Boston!  

You'll feel like you're there visiting with Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler as the design for the interior of the Central Perk Coffee Shop will be just like the original set from the show.  

The project is a collaboration between Warner Bros and CenPer Holdings, LLC, which is made up of coffee and food experts including restauranteur Tom Colicchio, who is also a judge on Top Chef. Colicchio has reportedly helped develop the menu for the coffee shop.  

Central Perk is scheduled to open later this year. 

Source: People

Flagship FRIENDS Experience Opens in NYC

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