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Netflix to Release "WHAM!" Documentary on July 5th

A new documentary or “rock-umentary if you will” is going to delve into the lives of pop stars George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. I guess that would make it a “pop-umentary.”  

Well, either way, the documentary is called “WHAM!” and it will take a look at the friendship between the two when they were kids and how they rocketed to fame in the 80s. It will also tackle more personal issues like Michael’s struggle with his sexual identity. 

The film will feature footage of Michael, who passed away in 2016, opening up about that part of his life saying, “As a young gay man, I was just uncomfortable ’cause I was closeted. I was forging an identity through my success and by necessity, I went with full gusto into the progression of Wham!” 

Reportedly the documentary will feature lots of “never-before-seen footage, alongside rare, candid and previously unheard interviews.” 

“WHAM!” will be available to stream on Netflix starting July 5th. Watch the trailer below!

Source: Billboard

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