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Tom Cruise Completed Most Dangerous Stunt on Day One of Filming "MI:7"

Tom Cruise sat down for an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" recently and talked about the filming of his new movie “Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One.” As we all know he does his own stunts in his movies, and he really went all out for this project, filming the most dangerous stunt on the very first day of production.  

Talking about the dangerous motorcycle stunt he said, “Well we know, either we’re gonna continue with the film, or we’re not. Let’s know day one: What is gonna happen? Do we all continue? Or is it a major rewrite, you know?”  

The director, Christopher McQuarrie, said the stunt was, "far and away the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted."  

Not only did the stunt take years to prepare for new camera technology was also developed to film it. As for his part, Cruise did more than 500 skydives and over 13,000 motorcross jumps to get ready.

Apparently, all went as planned as Cruise is still breathing.  “Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One” hits theaters July 10th.

Source: ET Online 


Photo: Getty Images

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