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You Could Stay at Real Life AirBNB Barbie Dream House in Malibu This Summer

When I was little, in the weeks before Christmas, I would circle all the toys I wanted n the Sears Wishbook. And there was always a big red circle around that Barbie Dream House. I never did find that under the tree. 

Well now, AirBnB has your chance to stay in a real-life Barbie Dream House in California.  

The rental company says it will give away two one-night stays at the Dream House in July in honor of the new "Barbie" movie that hit theaters on July 21st. This massive pink mansion is located in Malibu, California and looks just like the toy house you remember as a kid, but it’s huge! It’s also painted hot pink inside and out.  

Inside the house you’ll find Barbie-inspired decor, an infinity pool with a slide, and a balcony that wraps around the home. 

Booking begins at 1pm on July 17th for anyone hoping to win! 

Source: AirBNB

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