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AMC Theaters Drops Plan to Charge Moviegoers More for Best Seats!

Remember not long ago when AMC theatres started talking about charging moviegoers for better seats in the theater? Well, they've nixed that idea. 

Earlier this year AMC theaters tested out a new plan that made moviegoers pay more for the best seats in the house.  

Apparently, that theory didn’t work out as well as they had hoped because yesterday the company announced that its so-called “sightline” pricing program will be ending in the next few weeks.  

AMC said although most people were willing to pay more for the better seats, folks were not as willing to sit in the cheaper seats at the front of the theater. Yeah, no one wants to sit up there. Your neck hurts by the time the movie is done! 

AMC will instead begin testing a new seating concept that will replace the front rows with lounge style seating later this year. If I had to watch from a couch, I would totally fall asleep during that movie. That's what happens to me at home!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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