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Disney's "Haunted Mansion" Themed Airbnb For Rent in California

The highly anticipated Disney movie “Haunted Mansion” hits theaters tomorrow and in honor of that, a new Airbnb near Los Angeles is available for rent themed after the famous Disneyland ride. 

The Airbnb in Fullerton, California called the “Ghostly Retreat” was listed by Jeff Schiefelbein, who is a movie, TV and theme park production designer who has worked with Universal Studios, Knott's Scary Farm and other amusement parks. 

The home has special sound, lighting and visual effects all inspired by the Disney haunted house.  

Schiefelbein said, “This is not too scary for kids by any means, but we do try and promote the retreat to mostly older fans of the mansion just due to the nature of the property being that it contains many very expensive FX and décor. We don’t want the little ones running around and breaking things.” 

Your stay at the house won’t come cheap. It’s $649 per night! Find out more about renting the house HERE

And starting in November the rental will be all decked out for the holiday season. 

Source: KTLA

UK Special Screening Of Disney's "Haunted Mansion"

Photo: Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

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