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Kristin Lessard & Steve Kelly

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  • Bonding with family and friends over a love of the same TV shows and movies is something 82% of Americans do and according to a new survey.... it shows that 76% of respondents say some of their closest friendships formed as a result of sharing an interest in the same content.72% say they love finding out that on-screen friends or families are actually friends in real life.

America’s Favorite On-Screen Families:

  1. The Addams family — “Wednesday”
  2. The Simpson family — “The Simpsons”
  3. The Brady family — “The Brady Bunch”
  4. The Bundy family — “Married With Children”
  5. The Addams family — “The Addams Family”
  6. The Barone family — “Everybody Loves Raymond”
  7. The Taylor family — “Home Improvement”
  8. The Tanner family — “Full House”
  9. The Braverman family — “Parenthood”
  10. The Banks family — “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

America’s Favorite On-Screen Friends:

  1. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler — “Law & Order SVU”
  2. Wednesday and Enid — “Wednesday”
  3. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman — “Breaking Bad”
  4. Rachel and Monica — “Friends”
  5. Robin and Steve — “Stranger Things”
  6. Chandler and Joey — “Friends”
  7. Cory and Shawn — “Boy Meets World”
  8. Jerry and George — “Seinfeld”
  9. Laverne & Shirley — “Laverne & Shirley”
  10. Kevin and Paul — “The Wonder Years”

Source-SWNS Digital

The Simpsons

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