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"Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour" Documentary Headed to Theaters in October

I guess now we know why Taylor Swift had camera crews following her around on her “Eras Tour” filming her. There’s going to be a documentary! 

If you didn’t get to see her live on stage, “Good Morning America” reports that a concert film about Taylor's record-breaking world tour will be headed to the big screen across North America and it opens on October 13th. 

Here in the United States the documentary film, simply called “Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour," will be available to watch at all AMC movie theaters. Other theaters will show the movie in Canada and Mexico.  

Grab your tickets before they sell out at AMCTheatres and Fandango.  

Since it is Taylor Swift, and we all know the chaos surrounding the sales of her concert tickets, AMC is anticipating these movie tickets will sell fast too, so they said they’ve upgraded its website and ticketing systems to be able to cope with demand, but warn there could be delays. 

Check out the teaser below!  

Source: Good Morning America


Photo: MICHAEL TRAN / AFP / Getty Images

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