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McDonalds to Sell Pokémon Happy Meals

A lot of Pokémon fans going to be happy about this, including my son, who’s 24 by the way. McDonald's announced they're rolling out new match Battle toys in Happy Meals.  

Your Happy Meal box will includes a special edition Pokémon coin along with some stickers and four trading cards. Some of the cards are holographic and may be rarer than others.  

Among the 15 cards you can collect are: 

  • Sprigatito (holographic) 
  • Fuecoco (holographic) 
  • Quaxly (holographic) 
  • Cetoddle 
  • Cetitan (holographic) 
  • Pikachu (holographic) 
  • Pawmi 
  • Kilowattrel 
  • Flittle 
  • Sandaconda 
  • Klawf (holographic) 
  • Blissey 
  • Tandemaus 
  • Cyclizar 
  • Kirlia 

You watch, they'll sell out, and then they'll be up on eBay for hundreds of dollars. 

Source: Dexerto

Pickachu toy character from Pokemon anime.

Photo: nicescene / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

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