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How to Relieve Your Pet's Holiday Stress

Sure, we love the holidays, but do our pets? Lots of people are stopping by this time of year, kids running around all excited for presents, the commotion. Our pets can get really stressed out this time of year, so one veterinarian has some tips to help them out.  

Whether you're having a huge party at your house or maybe even just a small group of friends over for dinner. If you're having guests in and out of your house, your pets may be feeling stressed out.  

Veterinarian Dr. Susan Nelson says pet owners will know if they're pet likes all that extra attention or not. Cats are pretty good about it. They usually go run and hide, but dogs sometimes get kind of freaked out.  

So if your pet doesn't like being with a lot of people, you’re probably better off putting them away in a quiet bedroom or in their crate. I know my dog likes her crate. That's her safe space. She will go there when she needs to chill out.  

If that doesn't work, you can also talk to your vet about herbal supplements. There are many that can be safe and effective at controlling mild stress. And she says you may also even want to inquire about different prescriptions that can help your pet enjoy the holiday season a little bit more.  

Source: Kiowa County Press

Purebred young German shepherd dog lying curled up on a sofa in the bedroom.

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