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Your Significant Other is Expected To Spend at least $150 on Valentines Day

Just like everything else, the cost of love and romance gone up, so say the folks at Trustpilot. Americans in relationships are feeling a bit of pressure to spend more on Valentine’s Day this year.

The survey of 1,013 adults in relationships show:

  • People believe their partners expect them to spend an average of $157.52 on Valentine’s Day gifts for them.
  • For a quarter (26%) of both Gen Z and millennials, that would mean they have to cut back on essentials like gas, food and rent.
  • And 25% of millennials admit they’d even consider going into credit card debt to pay for presents and experiences for the romantic holiday.
  • The expense of Valentine’s Day is the reason 30% of respondents say they won’t be celebrating this year.
  • But the expectations - and the stakes - are high, as some admit they’d take drastic measures if their partner doesn’t spend enough or get them a gift at all, including canceling Valentine’s Day plans (10%) or breaking up (10%). Others would insist their significant other make up for it another time (17%) or give them the silent treatment (16%).

Another Valentine’s Day this one from reveals that 52% plan to celebrate the holiday this year.

  • They expect to spend around $192 on Valentine’s Day overall, including a romantic dinner out for $121, on average, and additional $33 on drinks.
  • This poll also finds that 30% of Americans will go into credit card debt from spending on the love holiday, and 43% will hide it from their partner.

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Source: Fox Business

Valentine's Day chocolate gift

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