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Walmart "Insider" Dishes Tips on How to Save More Money While Shopping

No wonder this person is staying anonymous because this Walmart employee is spilling the tea on how to save even more money while you’re shopping there.  

This person says to wait for the weekly “secret serious” clearance sales. I guess these are like sales upon sales. For the deepest discounts what you want to find are the yellow stickers ending in "five" or "zero." I always take a walk through their clearance aisles, see what they've got there. 

Definitely download the Walmart app. Like many other companies, Walmart will often try to entice people to download the app by offering even more savings on that.  

Take advantage of competitor price matching, which I assume would mean a trip to the courtesy desk. Bring along the flyer from their competition like Target and ask them to match the sale price.  

They said also don't always trust those "Rollback" deals, they don't necessarily mean you're getting the best price.  And make sure you shop during the off-peak hours. I hope that doesn't mean they're starting to surge pricing thing at Walmart too.  

I love saving money so I'll be trying out some of these tips! Let me know if they work for you!

Source: New York Post

Walmart Supercentre storefront

Photo: Niloo138 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

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