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Netflix to Live Stream Tom Brady Roast on May 5th

In a few weeks, Netflix will air their first ever live roast and they'll debut with Tom Brady in “The Greatest Roast of All Time!”  

Hosted by Kevin Hart, the special will air live at 8:00 PM Eastern on May 5th in Los Angeles. Reportedly there will be an All-Star lineup to roast the G.O.A.T., but we don't know who any of those stars are other than comedian Jeff Ross.   

I'm sure we can guess who some of the other celebrity roasters will be. You know that Gronk will be there. Maybe Bill Belichick. Can you imagine if Giselle Bundchen showed up? That would be epic. Especially since they promise the broadcast will be uncensored and unedited. 

The trailer was just released and in it, Kevin Hart said “The man. The arena. The roast of Tom Brady, live on Netflix. No helmets. No mercy. No Brady rule." 

The special has been in the works for two years, Netflix announced it back in May of 2022. 

Source: Today

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